Llandudno Guest Houses

From the peak of Great Orme peninsula a little coastal town on the north coast of Wales called Llandudno is visible, a place steeped in Welsh tradition and pride. Buried deep in the districts of Conwy County Borough lie some of the finest Llandudno guest house, each ensuring the best stay possible for each visitor. This picturesque little town is Wales' largest seaside resort, a title implied as early as early as 1864 known to many as "Queen of the Welsh Resorts". The calm blue waters first encouraged Victorians to build this holiday destination, connecting the capital and other major cities including Edinburgh and the England midlands via a superb train system.

In 1878 Llandudno Pier was constructed stretching 376 meters out to sea allowing tourists one of many unreal views of the timeless town. In following years the pier extended to 700 meters to include a bar, restaurant and amusement arcades complete with children's fairground rides. The pier is now Grade II listed building proudly standing as the one of the towns' focal points continuously featuring on post cards and curio gifts. An impressive shadow lurks in the background of the town in the form of Snowdonia, where Wales' highest peak exists where often as the name suggests is covered in snow. The National Park of Snowdonia is simply breathtaking and during the summer months becomes very popular among walkers, hikers and the adrenalin seeking climbers.

A wide Victorian promenade shapes the golden sand and colourful shingle beach where many curio shops, cafes and wonderful guest house accommodation exists offering uninterrupted views of the ocean and into the never ending horizon. From the promenade visitors will notice the shape of the bay, with two mountain headlands protecting the beachfront acting as swell breaks. The Llandudno guest houses are all fortunate to boast such prime positions offering visitors all the amenities of the town including quant restaurants, traditional and modern pubs within short walking distance of the guest house steps.

The types of accommodation on offer in Llandudno guest houses is extensive from single, twin, double, triple and large family suites each uniquely decorated ensuring an experience unlike any other. The rooms are equipped with large flat screen televisions with sky television and DVD players, mini bar fridges and air-conditioners allowing guests to select the desired temperature whether hot or cold. The signature beds are suited with high cotton count linens and super soft, hard or medium pillows, which ever the guest prefers.

Elegantly tiled and furnished en suite bathrooms are at hand in all guest houses displaying the most modern facilities including deep sunken baths, walk in power showers each partnered with lavish trimmings. Sensual soaps, bath salts and lotions are of course complementary and ensure the most relaxing and invigorating soak, or rinse. A luxurious white fluffy towel awaits every bather; dressing gowns of the same calibre hang in the walk in closet.

An Intimate restaurant is found onsite in Llandudno guest houses where a well qualified and experienced chef performs his magic behind the scenes creating pleasurable delights, often poking his or her head out the kitchen to check if the food is up to standard, or to gather complements.

In an area of sublime beauty one can only come to expect the best and Llandudno guest houses do not disappoint, often finding that most of their customers are second, third and fourth time visitors as the whole experience is unique creating lifetime memories.